Bodybuilding associations in India

Top 5 Bodybuilding Associations in India

Body Building is a very old sport, but in earlier days it was not much in trend. In old days Body Builders were only seen in advertisement posters of supplements. But time has changed and Nowadays Fitness Industry is on Booming in India. People got more aware of physical health, gyming has also become a trend and status symbol. Even gyms are also formed into proper fitness centers with exercise equipment. In earlier days wrestling was known as the most physical sport in India. Now from two decades, people start to take interest in bodybuilding and it becomes a very good career option. India also recognized and participates in international competitions, so if you are choosing bodybuilding as a serious career, then you may have a bright future. Success in sports brings name and fame along with money.

This sport is different from other sports options because other sports have only a single association for the nation, but in bodybuilding, there are many associations in India and most of them claim to be recognized by Govt. of India. In India Bodybuilding is not properly organized like other sports and because of this many people get confused and sometimes lead by wrong information.

For proper training, guidance, and growth you need to associate with bodybuilding federation. Here in this blog, we are providing the information about top 5 bodybuilding associations in India (not necessary in any order).

1.            WFF: World Fitness Federation

WFF is an International Federation which founded in 1968. WFF Universe and WFF World Championships are major competitions organized by WFF. Bodybuilding not only improves your fitness and reduce the risk of stress and cholesterol, but it also improves stamina, strength, and energy. Apart from these if you want to learn commitment, goal-setting, determination, discipline, then you should join this Federation. At present WFF is recognized and supported by 31 countries in the world and India is also one of them.

2.            Muscle mania  India:

This bodybuilding federation is around 25 years old and now become a leading name among natural bodybuilding events. Muscle mania is an international association and it’s become more recognized because of its exclusive television coverage on many sports channels like ESPN international, Start sports Asia, etc. No Qualification is required to compete at the Muscle mania Fitness India Event. This is an open event for natural athletes.  If you have affiliated with other federation in the present or past, or you are an independent athlete or even if you are first-timer, you can participate and compete against the best natural bodybuilders of India.

3.            IBFF India

IBFF is not supported by any company, but it’s a group of many bodybuilders and volunteers. This federation is officially registered in 2009 and in present more than 50 nations are a member with IBFF. IBFF India is recognized by the Indian Ministry of Youth and Sports.

IBFF India is an official member of the IBFF world. In India, bodybuilding is not so much popular sport, and that’s why at most the places it’s seen unorganized. As an athlete, you may face many problems in aspects of the association. In India, there are many bodybuilding associations but when it comes to “trust”, a few names are left and IBFF is top one of them. Its primary aim is to popularize bodybuilding in India. This federation gives respect to athletes, supports and encourages true talent and strongly against favouritism and partiality. IBFF also provides help to talented athletes through financial and non-financial sponsorships and aids.

4.            NABBA India

Nation Amateur Body-Builder’s Association is the first official competitive bodybuilding association, which formed in 1950 and in 1984 it formed as an international association, also became host to European and World Championships. Now NABBA is supported by more than 50 countries. Universe Championship is annual worldwide bodybuilding events which originally promoted as Mr. Universe event. This event is getting stronger every year. NABBA India is formed in 2013 and from then many men and women featured highly at NABBA Universe and World Championship and bought many titles to India.

5.            WABBA India

WABBA is one of the measure bodybuilding federations of the world. WABBA was established in 1975. And now it’s associated with many countries. The sole purpose of WABBA is to develop a sense of physical fitness in youth. WABBA India is part of the World Amateur Body-Builder’s Association but this organization is not yet recognized by the Indian Government. WABBA organizes world level competitions. Mr. Pavan Shetty of India has participated in 2015 and won the overall title.

There are a few points that are not clearly mentioned anywhere and create confusion. you need to clear these points while you are deciding about getting associated with any bodybuilding federation/association.

•             You can be a member of a single association and can take part in competitions organized by that association only.

•             Because there are so many bodybuilding federations, so you can’t find all the best athletes on a single stage.

•             Usually, athletes have to sign a contract with association while membership.

•             Each and every association has different rules and categories.